Misunderstandings about the perception of car bumpers
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Misunderstandings about the perception of car bumpers

Views: 120     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-24      Origin: Site

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●Some misunderstandings about the bumper

Many people think that the bumper will play an important role in resisting collisions, and it is directly related to vehicle safety. In fact, the rigidity of the car is not borne by the bumper, but mainly depends on the design of the body frame. That is to say, the thickness and material of the bumper cannot directly determine the safety of the vehicle. So on the whole, different bumpers may have differences in small bumps, but they are often vulnerable to larger collisions.

●Some misunderstandings of car bumper modification

Many off-road enthusiasts will modify metal bumpers for their cars. In fact, the main purpose of doing so is to improve the impact resistance of the body and the excellent departure and approach angles brought by the short bars.

But the negative impact of this kind of modification is also very large. First of all, if you accidentally hit a pedestrian, the consequences of the impact between the metal and the flesh are unimaginable. You must know that pedestrians have always been a vulnerable group on domestic roads, so as long as you hit a pedestrian, it is tantamount to finding trouble for yourself. So the huge metal bumper is equivalent to a time bomb, which may be ignited at any time.

In addition, metal parts will increase the weight of the vehicle body, thereby affecting fuel consumption and braking effect. Therefore, the editor advises you to modify rationally, unless your modification is for professional competition purposes, otherwise we do not agree with this approach.

Summary: The use of plastic bumpers can be said to be a practice that benefits both buyers and sellers. It can not only protect pedestrians, but also be more convenient for future maintenance.

Therefore, since the function of the bumper is different from that of the anti-collision steel beam, and the rigidity of the car is not measured by the softness and hardness of the bumper, why not use plastic as a "coat" of the vehicle? From the current point of view, it should be regarded as the most popular car bumper at this stage.

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