Why do we need a front and rear bumper?
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Why do we need a front and rear bumper?

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The plastic front and rear bumper are composed of three parts: an outer panel, a cushioning material, and a beam.  The outer plate and buffer material are made of plastic, and the beam is stamped with a cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of about 1.5 mm to form a U-shaped groove;  the outer plate and buffer material are attached to the beam, and the beam and the frame longitudinal beam can be connected by screws at any time.

Where can we see the front and rear bumper of a car?

1. Location: Located at the front of the car (called the front bumper) and the rear of the car (called the rear bumper), the front and rear bumper of the car is an accessory (vulnerable part) of the body part.

2. Material: Generally, toughened (modified) polypropylene (PP) material is used as raw material for injection molding-polypropylene Poly plastic has a high melting point (up to 167°C), heat resistance, and density (0.90g/cm3). It is currently the lightest kind of general-purpose plastic.

3. The front and rear ends of the car are equipped with front and rear bumpers. At present, it not only has a decorative function but more importantly, it is a safety device that absorbs and alleviates external impact, protects the body, and protects the body and the occupants.

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What are the common front and rear bumpers of cars on the market?

At present, the front and rear bumpers of urban SUVs are generally made of plastic materials, and some are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

1. The function of the front and rear bumpers of the car is reflected in the protection of the front and rear movement of the car, because sometimes even if you are careful, it is unavoidable to cause accidents such as scratches and collisions. The independently installed front and rear bumpers are convenient for maintenance and replacement, which can reduce maintenance. cost.

2. It should be noted that the original front and rear bumpers of the car are relatively strong, tough, and resistant to impact.

Why do we need the front and rear bumpers of a car?

1. The primary role, pedestrian protection. As a vulnerable group of pedestrians, plastic (aluminum alloy, or other "soft" materials) front and rear bumpers can alleviate the impact on the pedestrian's legs, especially the calf. With a reasonable design, it can reduce the degree of injury when the pedestrian is hit.

2. Secondary function, reducing low-speed collision loss. Low-strength impact bumpers can cope with it, while high-strength impact bumpers play the role of force transmission and dispersion and buffering, and finally transfer to other structures of the body, and then rely on the strength of the body structure to resist. The front and rear bumpers have a certain energy-absorbing effect in high-speed collisions, but they are not the main energy-absorbing parts. Therefore, for the car itself, the front and rear bumpers are more of an accessory to reduce low-speed collision losses.

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